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Micro Magic, Inc.
MAX-View Layout Viewer Press Release

Press Release 


Micro Magic Introduces the World's Fastest Layout Viewer - MAX-View - and it's Free until DAC 2008.

Retail price of $6,000 per year waived.
$2,000 Calibre® interface option also included for free.


SUNNYVALE, CA - April 30, 2007 - Micro Magic, Inc. today announced a new product in their suite of EDA tools. MAX-View is a layout viewer which allows users to view their biggest chip designs instantly.

To those who question Micro Magic's claim of "world's fastest GDS viewer", the company has demonstrated that MAX-View will load and display a chip design with one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) transistors. Redisplay is real-time on the "Trillion" chip - instantaneous at any zoom level.

MAX-View is instrumental to IC engineers for the following uses:  

  • View an entire chip design quickly and easily.
  • Zoom, Pan, Push, Pop
  • Control layer visibility.
  • Control hierarchy view with the Cell Hierarchy Browser.
  • De-bug after place & route.
  • Check DRC errors with the integrated Calibre® interface.
  • Select and check net connections.
  • View a 3D representation of your layout.

MAX-View reads GDSII files and of course MAX files. Users have full control over how layers and hierarchy are displayed. MAX-View also imports industry standard display files - so that the user's color and layer preferences are maintained.  

For editing, saving and other advanced features, Micro Magic recommends the full-featured MAX Layout Editor.  

Free for a Limited Time 

Micro Magic is providing free MAX-View licenses for a limited time to qualified users.
All free MAX-View licenses expire after  DAC 45, on June 14, 2008.

Why is MAX-View Free? 

Micro Magic is providing MAX-View free for a limited time because they want IC engineers to see the advantages of Micro Magic tools for themselves.  

"All good engineers are skeptical of performance claims," said Mark Santoro, Micro Magic's CEO. "Once they've experienced the speed and ease of use of MAX-View, we're betting they will want to try our other tools." 

How to Get Your Free MAX-View License 

Qualified users are U.S. based engineers at organizations actively working in IC design or research. Multiple licenses for a company are allowed.  

IC designers interested in MAX-View register at Micro Magic's web site. After checking registration information, Micro Magic will issue a license by email. MAX-View can then be downloaded and installed.  

For more information, or to register for your free license, just go to: 


Micro Magic Tool Suite 

Micro Magic's suite of EDA tools have taped out hundreds of successful chips.  

The tool suite includes: 

  • MAX - Full Power Layout Editor.
  • SUE - Design and Schematic Manager.
  • DPC - Datapath Compiler - Generates data paths from design and places custom-style
      "bit-slice" data paths using an existing standard cell library.
  • MCC - MegaCell Compiler - Designs, builds and analyzes custom memories.

About Micro Magic, Inc. 

Micro Magic, Inc., provides tools, services, and intellectual property (IP) for the design of high-speed, low-power SoCs. The company's mission is to help designers dramatically reduce the time and cost required to produce high-performance SoC designs. Micro Magic's advanced EDA tools are built by IC designers for IC designers. They can handle any size design, are production-proven, and are easy to learn. The company's products have been used to design the datapaths and memory subsystems associated with all types of SoCs, including processors, DSPs, embedded controllers, multi-media, network and graphics chips. For more information about Micro Magic and its products, please visit www.micromagic.com or call 408-414-7647 ext. 202. 

-- end --

For more information, please contact:

Mark Mangum
Micro Magic, Inc.
408-414-7647 ext. 202 
Fax: 408-414-7647 




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