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Micro Magic, Inc. Announces Major Sale of EDA Software to SiByte, Inc.
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Micro Magic, Inc. Announces Major Sale of EDA Software to SiByte, Inc.

SiByte standardizes on MMI Software and Methodology for Low-power, High-speed IC Design

Sunnyvale, CA - June 8, 1999 - Micro Magic, Inc. (MMI) today announced that SiByte, Inc. has purchased its software products for IC design. Micro Magic, Inc. provides electronic design automation (EDA) software and services for the high-speed digital design of integrated circuits (ICs). Start-up SiByte, Inc. provides microprocessor solutions to the communications and consumer electronics markets.

SiByte purchased multiple copies of MMI's Schematic User Environment (SUE™) for graphical design entry and design environment management; DataPath™ compiler, MMI's datapath design tool set, and MAX™, the company's high-speed, full-custom IC layout product.

"We are very impressed with the product set from Micro Magic," stated Dan Dobberpuhl, President of SiByte, Inc. "The software delivers excellent performance, and provides the features and flexibility that let us control the entire design flow. It is evident that the MMI developers have an excellent understanding of what is required of design tools for deep sub-micron, high-performance applications."

Dobberpuhl is the father of the DEC Alpha™ chip, and played a leading role in the design of the StrongARM™ chip. MMI's president, Mark Santoro, stated, "It is a powerful affirmation for someone of Dan Dobberpuhl's stature and experience to adopt our technology for designing SiByte's products. It represents the strongest level of trust there is for an EDA company."

About SiByte, Inc.

This Silicon Valley start-up seeks to be a leading provider of microprocessor solutions to the communications and consumer electronics markets. SiByte's cost-effective microprocessor solutions are based on industry standard MIPS architectures and feature high performance and low power consumption. For more information, call SiByte in Santa Clara, California at 1-408-845-6600, visit , or e-mail .

About Micro Magic, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Micro Magic, Inc. provides advanced application software and expert services for creating high-speed ICs and SoCs. Founded by expert IC design engineers, the company's products are developed from a superior foundation of design knowledge. MMI serves many segments of the electronics industry including graphics, networking, telecom, computer, and embedded processors. MMI is a self-funded, privately held, and profitable company. Contact MMI in Sunnyvale, California at 408-735-9200, fax 408-735-9300, visit or e-mail

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    Trying to achieve the performance we needed from commercially-available tools just wasn't working. Over the course of several years, Micro Magic's engineers wound up writing their own tools to help get chips out. Our design services history is unmatched for making tapeout on time. Of course, our clients began to notice that MMI engineers were more efficient, more productive, and started asking about the tools. We responded by making them available to other engineers,and in 1995 the first versions of MAX and SUE were ready for the public..

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