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DAC 53, Austin, TX June 2016

Flying into Austin

  • DAC begins the next day!

Dawn breaking over Austin

  • Downtown wakes up

Main Aisle
- DAC 53 -

  • Austin Convention Center
  • June 06, 2016

DAC 53 - DAY 1

  • An intense technical conversation

DAC Day One

  • Many software demos are given
Day 1, Giving Demos

Early Morning

  • Beginning the Third Day
  • June 08, 2016
Early Morning over Austin

DAC Day 2

  • Demonstrating MAX-3D
DAC Day 2 - Demos

Dusk settles over Austin

  • Lovely closing to a busy day
Dusk settles over Austin

DAC Day 3

  • Fire Alarm! and Full Evacuation
Day 3 - Fire Alarm Evacuation

A Firetruck outside ACC

  • Fire response was very quick
Firetruck at Convention Center

DAC Day 3

  • MMI President Santoro
  • Giving a demo featuring Analog
Day 3- Giving a demo

Official Bagpipers

  • Bagpipes traditionally close DAC
Bagpipers Closing DAC

“Tezzaron has taped out over 100 3D chips using MMI’s MAX-3D tool suite. There’s nothing to compare, and the new TSV placer & MAX-3D Path Finder are incredible.”

Robert Patti, VP/CTO, Tezzaron Semiconductor

“This is one of the few tools that can deal with multiple levels of hierarchy and multiple tech files all at the same time, and it is awesome for visualization of complex things like, say, PDN mesh across multiple die and interposers. Fantastic! I like it!”

Riko Radojcic, Director of Design for Silicon Initiatives, Qualcomm