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When You Need Fast Silicon, Fast

Micro Magic provides Tools, Services and IP for High-speed, Low-power designs.

Welcome to Micro Magic

Micro Magic, Inc. Delivers
Ultra-low Power 64-Bit RISC-V Core

Today, Micro Magic, Inc. announced its Ultra Low power 64-bit RISC-V core consuming only 10mW at 1Ghz. Micro Magic’s design techniques allow its 5GHz processor to run at low voltages to save power while still achieving high performance.

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Micro Magic tools provide fully integrated design flow management, graphical design entry, datapath and memory compilers, and the world's fastest SoC layout editing and viewing system with realtime DRC. If you're doing 3D design (stacked) or interposer design, the MMI MAX-3D Design Suite is the only toolset designed from bottom up to be fully 3D aware.

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We Provide Tools, IP, and Design Services.

Smart, Powerful Solutions for Silicon Design.

We help you achieve high-speed,low-power chips in three ways:


MMI specializes in high-speed, low-power silicon, memories, and datapath designs.

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Cutting-edge design tools for 2D and True-3D TSV/Wafer stack projects.

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Ready IP.

Contact us about our library of Ready IP.

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A Few of our Projects.

A small sampling of some of our successes. Designs taped out on time, and worked first-silicon..

26-Milion-Transistor Processor

MMI SRAM image

Ternary CAM with embededed processor.


Network Processor

VoIP Processor

Cell Phones

Embedded high-Speed SRAM

Custom Register File

Why MMI?

Micro Magic was founded by chip designers who absolutely understand the needs of their peers for excellent products and the tools to develop them.

We challenge anyone, anywhere to design a faster chip faster than we can, without using our services or our tools.


“Tezzaron has taped out over 100 3D chips using MMI’s MAX-3D tool suite. There’s nothing to compare, and the new TSV placer & MAX-3D Path Finder are incredible.”

Robert Patti, Tezzaron Semiconductor

“This is one of the few tools that can deal with multiple levels of hierarchy and multiple tech files all at the same time, and it is awesome for visualization of complex things like, say, PDN mesh across multiple die and interposers. Fantastic! I like it!”

Riko Radojcic, Qualcomm