MAX-3D Layout

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MAX-3D True 3-Dimensional Layout

Based on MAX, the world's fastest layout tool

MAX-3D for True three-dimensional designs using multiple technologies

MAX-3D enables 'Through-Silicon Via Wafer Stack' Technology - a technology allowing faster interconnects between discrete wafers. This is accomplished by connecting wafers of varying technologies together with vias through the wafers yielding a single 3-D stacked chip.

Through-Si Via Wafer Stack Example Multiple-Wafer Chip with Through-Si vias

MAX-3D maintains discreet technology files for each wafer level, while allowing edits to individual levels, or to the stack as a whole. The video below illustrates how layers can be made visible, edited independently, or as a unit.

Three distinct wafers: Turning visibility on/off, and tracing nets between different wafers


MAX-3D True-3D Layout

MAX-3D has the capacity and speed to handle these large and complex designs. Features such as limiting editing to a single wafer, or connectivity tracing through multiple wafers, make MAX-3D the only editor for your3D designs.

MAX-3D is packed with helpful features, such as automatic bus wiring shown here, and on-line interactive DRC.

The MAX-3D True-3D Layout

MAX-3D True-3D Layout is part of the MMI MAX-Family of Layout Editors

MAX-Family Layout Consists of:
MAX, MAX-LS, MAX-3D, and MAX-View Layout viewer

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