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DPC Datapath 'Compiler'

Includes SUE SoC Design Manager

USE DPC to Make Your Datapaths 
Faster, Smaller, Lower Power, Easy to Route

DPC Now Includes Built-in Formal Verification and Power Analysis

Using DPC, engineers have produced real designs that were 3X faster, 40% smaller, and 40% lower power than their existing place & route designs.

Custom Performance with ASIC Effort


  1. Import design data using schematics or Verilog.
  2. Create custom-like bit-slice placement which reduces congestion and improves routing.
  3. Perform postplacement timing analysis.
  4. Compute critical paths and provide timing information at each node.
  5. Auto-size gates based on your constraints (optimizing for timing and power, or power alone).
  6. Modify your design and see the new results very quickly. Iterations are done in minutes – DPC computes 100,000 gates per minute.
  7. Check for “hot spots” with congestion analysis.
  8. Output a DEF placement file for your existing P&R flow.
  9. Verify timing postroute, and show results graphically.

    DPC Features

  • Up to 300% faster datapath performance, 40% lower power, 40% less area
  • Custom performance wih ASIC effort
  • Quickly builds custom-like datapaths using all existing standard cell libraries
  • DPC includes it's own timing analyzer, or use PrimeTime®
  • Fast - processes 100,000 gates per minute
  • Writes DEF placement information and a Verilog netlist for integration with routers

DPC Incorporates MMI's SUE SoC Design Manager

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