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TRUE 3-Dimensional Layout

MAX-3D Layout Editor is the the world's first true 3-D layout tool.

MAX-3D handles multiple technologies with true Through-Silicon Via (TSV) capability. Each individual wafer can use it's own existing technology file without modification.

3D TSV Wafer stack Illustration of Three Different Technologies in Three Different Levels, joined with Through Silicon Vias and Bonding Layers
MAX-3D 3 Wafers Actual screenshot of MAX-3D Layout Editor - True Through-Silicon Via (TSV) layout and editing using multiple technologies at the same time.

MAX-3D Layout Editor

  • Fast and Powerful: 50x faster; Real-time Redisplay of World's Largest Chips; Real-time DRC; Schematic-Driven Layout; Generators; API.
  • Production Proven: Large SoCs to Memories, on-time and working.
  • Friendly: You can do real design work he first day.
  • Open architecture: Open file formats.
  • Calibre interface means faster and easier error checking.
  • Customizable with Tcl/Tk support and API for automation and customization.

MAX-3D Layout editor, along with 3D TSV Placer, MAX-3D Path Finder, and MAX-3D System, is part of Micro Magic's 3D Design Suite

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