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MAX-3D Path Finder

Quick Scenearios for 3D Evaluation

MAX-3D Path Finder is the tool you'll want when evaluating a new proposal:
"Is 3-D TSV Needed for This Scenario?"

Path Finder Select Nets Two 3D nets selected in 3D Design, and Simulation results for the two selected nets
Path Finder busses Easily generate complex busses. Easily generate complex PDN.

MAX-3D Path Finder

  • Does 3D work for you? MAX-3D Path Finder can help you answer this question.
  • Import Verilog or 2D floorplan
  • Specify/modify 3D floorplan
  • View 3D connections via fly-lines or actual routes
  • Quickly route complex 3D busses.
  • Extract and simulate specified 3D nets
  • Automatic PDN (power distribution network) generation
  • Use MAX-3D Path Finder to analyze whether 3D is right for your project. Then, MAX-3D Path Finder will help determine the best partitioning

3D Pathfinder, along with 3D TSV Placer, and MAX-3D System, is part of Micro Magic's 3D Design Suite

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