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Chip/Package/Board Co-Design

MAX-3D System is the first tool capable of loading, analyzing and editing all components of a TSV-Wafer Stack design.

Using one co-design environment, you can now really visualize and modify the project as an entity, without piecing aspects together from many disparate sources. Unification of the process speeds design efficiency and reduces the potential for error. The following video clips, taken real-time, show just a small portion of the capabilities of MAX-3D System.

Nets from chip to package Viewing nets from chip to package layer
MAX-3D 3 Wafers Actual screenshot showing net connectivity from one chip, through package layer, across board to a second chip

MAX-3D System Co-Design

  • Chip-to-Board Viewing and Editing in 3-D.
  • Load Chip, Package and Board together in one tool, and then view, edit and analyze them.
  • Isolate and extract nets and study signal integrity from chip, through package, across board, through another package to the receiving chip.
  • Open architecture: Open file formats.
  • Customizable with Tcl/Tk support and API for automation and customization.

MAX-3D System Co-Design editor, along with 3D TSV Placer, MAX-3D Path Finder, is part of Micro Magic's 3D Design Suite

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